5 Reasons to Watch "The Game Revealed"


Are you obsessing over Season 6? HBO is offering an exclusive look inside the making of the first two episodes in their new series The Game Revealed.

Here's what you can expect the first installment, currently streaming on HBO NOW, will dig into.

1. THAT Scene
If you're still reeling from Sunday's "OMG Moment," check out commentary from the cast, writer and directors who brought the scene to life.

2. The Wonder of Wun Wun
See how the production creates your favorite giant and the planning that went into his moment at Castle Black.

3. Melisandre's Moment
How did the team film the shocking last scene from the Season 6 premiere? Find out.

4. Setting the Scene at Pyke
See how the stormy elements at the Iron Islands came together.

5. Dragon Daycare
What does it take to create two dragons? Hear from the VFX, production design and direction that went into Tyrion's visit.