5 Takeaways From GOT Cast at the Red Carpet Premiere


The Game of Thrones cast descended upon San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House on Monday evening to kick off Season 5. Below are five talking points to tantalize your appetite for April 12 at 9pm ET.

Raised Stakes

The cast mentioned the larger scope of Season 5. “Last year felt like a warm up,” said Michiel Huisman, who plays Daario Naharis. “This year, we’re ready for the battle.” For many actors, this season represents a fresh start. “For me, it’s new people and new location,” said Maisie Williams. “It’s a very different Arya this year from the one that I auditioned for years ago.”

Ominous Questions

“I’m very tortured by my husband,” exclaimed Amanda Peet, who despite being married to series co-creator David Benioff, remains in suspense about what’s coming up this season. Peter Dinklage admitted he shared a similar outlook going into filming. “I didn’t know what to expect. When I signed on many years ago for the show, I knew Tyrion’s journey up until the end of Season 4,” Dinklage explained. “So far the characters who have died, they all knew that they were going to die. After this season, no one knows anymore.”

Powerful Women

Many of the female cast members felt empowered going into Season 5. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, shared her thoughts on her character post-makeover: “After what felt like four seasons of sitting and crying, Sansa was able to shed this skin and really become a woman – you’ve only seen her as a girl, but now she’s a force to be reckoned with.” Hannah Murray feels similarly about playing Gilly: “Now there’s a little bit more opportunity to develop her sense of self and think about what she might want … beyond staying alive.” Emilia Clarke also pointed to her character’s maturation. “Dany’s getting closer and closer to the throne in terms of being a leader,” Clarke said. “She’s got a lot more experience under her belt and a lot more fire in her belly… and she just lost Jorah so she is pissed.”

Break-ups and Meet-ups

Dany and Jorah are finished, but Tyrion and Varys are not. “Remember The Love Boat?” asked actor Coleth Hill. “That’s Tyrion and Varys sailing across the Narrow Sea." Jerome Flynn is definitely jealous of the Spider. “I don’t get to hang out with Peter [Dinklage] this year,” lamented the actor behind Bronn. “But I hold out hope that we’ll be reunited somewhere along the way. That’s my fantasy.” It’s not all bad news, said Flynn, who has a new pairing this season: “It’s also really nice to have the fresh sparring partner and go on that adventure with him.” Alfie Allen, the man behind Reek/Theon Greyjoy, also has a new scene partner. “I got to work with a certain special someone,” the actor teased, “which was fantastic.”

Unlikely Champions

So who is the cast rooting for? Series creator D.B. Weiss has a specific hero in mind: “I root for Samwell.” Dinklage wasn’t thrilled with any available candidate: “They’ve done some pretty horrible things, so I personally wouldn’t want any of them on the Iron Throne. They got to find some new people that have good hearts and do things without violence – maybe Bran.” Finn Jones, who plays Loras Tyrell also championed the Stark boy: “I’m Team Tyrell, but I’m Team Bran as well.” 

Late to the party? No problem. Watch the full livestream show below right now.