Welcome to Winterfell


“In winter we must protect one another” — with warmer clothes and dragonglass weapons. Daenerys and Missandei may have ditched the flowy gowns fit for the Essos climate last season, but in Season 8 the Dragon Queen and her trusted advisor head farther north than ever before, as the rest prepare for the coming battle.

Daenerys’ Arrival Dress

This dress makes a powerful statement to the Northerners coming under her rule — and is also ideal for riding dragons.


Missandei’s Winterfell Dress

Farther than ever from the Island of Naath, Missandei takes on the winter climate and shows her loyalty to her queen with stunning details.

The Hound’s Dragonstone Glass Axe

Sandor Clegane used to be known for his helmet rather than his weapons, but when preparing for the Great War a powerful fighter like him needs a strong weapon.


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