Did You Catch All of the Thrones Throwbacks in “Winterfell”?


The premiere of the final season is full of reunions and callbacks. Read more to discover what details you may have missed.

On the Kingsroad

Last time the crown visited Winterfell, House Stark was changed forever. Most remember Bran running and climbing the castle walls to get a view of King Robert Baratheon, but Arya took a different approach. Arya snuck outside the gates of Winterfell to get a glimpse of the royal procession, before running inside to stand by her family.

In the Season 8 opener, a young boy runs to catch a glimpse of the Dragon Queen, former King in the North and thousands of foreign soldiers. A grown woman now, Ayra holds back in the crowd, and let’s the young boy run by for a closer look. Hear the creators look back on how far Arya — and Maisie — have come.   


Since the second episode of the series, Jon and Arya have been apart. While their reunion was long-awaited, something about it felt familiar. Their meeting in the Godswood hits all of the right nostalgia notes by recreating shots from the Season 1, Episode 2 scene where Arya hugs Jon before he leaves for the Night’s Watch.

My Lady

As soon as Gendry returned in Season 7, fans were hoping for a reunion with Arya. Gendry happily takes on the task of crafting Arya a dragonglass spear, but not without reminding his former travel companion of her highborn status with a playful, “m’lady.” Gendry fans may remember him teasing a young, tomboy Arya when she was disguised as a boy and fleeing to the Night’s Watch in Season 2, Episode 2 in the same way.

New episodes of Game of Thrones premiere Sunday at 9 PM.

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