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Dispatches From The Seven Kingdoms: The Favored Hand

Dispatches From The Seven Kingdoms: The Favored Hand

by Bryan Cogman


SAN ANTON'S PALACE, Malta - The waters are rising.  I'm in my chair in Video Village, feet up, knees tucked to my chest...as the muddy water creeps ever higher.  Rain pounding against the tent flaps!Flooding!  Wasn't Malta supposed to be dry this time of year???

The waters continue to rise!  Soon we'll have to swim for it.  What's to be done?  Thankfully, our stalwart line producer Chris Newman exclaims: "The drains!"  Turns out we covered up the drains earlier this morning as they read too modern, hence the flooded courtyard.  Chris wades out to the various drains, opens them up and the waters finally recede.  We're saved!

A short time later and everything's dry.  We're shooting a few scenes from Episode VIII today at San Anton's Palace, which is the official residence of the President himself.  We'll be here for several days utilizing the courtyards, colonnades, and gardens of this 15th century palace for various scenes in the Red Keep, the seat of power in the Seven Kingdoms.