The Beautiful Death and Storybook Image From “The Queen’s Justice”


The last moments from “The Queen’s Justice” continue to resonate with audiences, who are mourning the Queen of Thorns. Artist Robert Ball, who has captured the significant scene in this week’s Beautiful Death poster, offers his inspirations for the piece.

“Tonally it is very different from last week, which was all action and chaos. This week has to be quiet and mournful,” Ball explains. “It is a heartbreaking scene, particularly for Jaime. Olenna has had a very long and full life — particularly for Westeros — and Jaime has the compassion to grant her a painless death. The pain in the scene is really Jaime's, with the revelation about his son’s death, and Olenna’s reflections on his obsessive, doomed love for Cersei. Metaphorically there was quite a lot to go on — Tyrell golden roses, Lannister lions, poison, heartbreak and death.”

Ball shares how he wound up with his final image: “I started with Jaime's golden hand — I really wanted to draw that hand! — plunging into a thicket of golden roses to represent the Tyrell dynasty. A single rose withers and dies, representing Olenna and in her final moments. Her thorns rip at Jaime, drawing blood to represent her final barb. The thorns wrap around Jaime's golden hand forming a crown. This is a reference to Olenna's nickname, the Queen of Thorns. It feels almost like a storybook image; quiet, but with a lot of meaning.”

See the final poster and a rough version of the design below.