The Beautiful Death in “The Spoils of War”


Fans are still reeling from Daenerys’ power play in Episode 4 of Season 7, and so is artist Robert Ball

“An awful lot happened in the final 10 minutes,” Ball says. “We had Jaime sinking into the depths of the river, Bronn shooting a giant arrow into Drogon, Dothraki hordes and Tyrion watching — it was a visual feast!”

To make this week’s Beautiful Death, Ball explains he, “had to edit down. At its core, the battle is about Daenerys finally unleashing the awesome power of her dragons against the Lannister army; and I had to make an image to reflect that.”

Last week's Beautiful Death was quiet and still,” Ball shares, “so I wanted this week to be loud and fiery. I had the idea of a Lannister soldier, in his last moments, screaming in horror while looking up at this terror. I wanted to somehow combine the Lannister helmet design with the shape of Drogon as he swoops down. The color palette was quite straightforward, red and yellow — gold and fire!”

Take a look at Ball’s rough draft and final poster below.