The Cast Dishes on Who They’re Rooting For


Many Game of Thrones characters may have their Westerosi allegiances locked down, but that doesn’t stop the cast from having their own opinions about the next ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. We caught up with the cast at San Diego Comic-Con. Here are their picks for the next person to sit on the Iron Throne.


House Stark for Life

Sophie Turner stands with Sansa’s house on this one. “I’m on Jon’s team for sure,” she says. However, Turner thinks he could use some help: “My advice to him is: Listen to the people around you, but trust your gut and stick to your truth.”

The Unlikely King  

Actor John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly, says he’s definitively Team Jon.  “He’s a good leader, and doesn’t do things lightly. He always considers what the right moral thing is, and he has a noble heart.”

Not Your Average Sidekick

Things have shifted for Ser Davos in the last few seasons. “I’m on Team Snow this time — my loyalties have slightly changed because my ex-boss is dead.”


Loyalty Runs Deep

He might be biased, but Jacob Anderson, who plays Greyworm, is “all about team Dany. She’s done her homework. My only advice to her would be to take the lessons she learned from Meereen, Astapor and all of the places she has been.”

Don’t Forget the Queen

“I’m definitely on Dany’s team,” says Nathalie Emmanuel, who portrays Missandei. But the actor also revealed she has a soft spot for Team Jon. Her advice to both? Don’t underestimate Cersei: “Although she has less support, she’s not out of the game yet.”


On the Side of the Living

“I think I’m on everyone’s team and no one’s team. Bran isn’t bothered about any petty squabbling or allegiances,” says Isaac Hempstead Wright. “All Bran cares about now is the Night King, and he recognizes that the greatest threat is beyond the Wall.”

It’s All Tied Up

Could Brienne be a secret Targaryen and help Daenerys take the Iron Throne? That’s Gwendoline Christie’s secret Game of Thrones wish. “I would love to see a world whereby it’s discovered Brienne is of Targaryen descent… Wouldn’t that be interesting?” However, the Mother of Dragons isn’t the only monarch fit to rule the Seven Kingdoms in her mind: “My heart is very much touched by the soul that Jon Snow has put into protecting his home and doing what’s best for the greater good.”

Reporting by Ashley Morton and Rachel Wanat