5 Reasons Not to Miss the U.S. Premiere of Kit Harington’s Miniseries Gunpowder


What better way to spend the time between Game of Thrones seasons than seeing other projects your favorite cast is working on? Three-part miniseries Gunpowder is the latest from Kit Harington (GoT’s Jon Snow) and here are five reasons why you won’t want to miss the premiere on December 18 at 10 PM.

1. It’s all relative. Literally.

Gunpowder tells the story of Robert Catesby, a man who will do anything for the right to practice his religion — including plot to kill the King of England. Harington, a co-creator of the series, is actually distantly related to Catesby, and has both acting and writing credits on the show.

2. The cast knows how to bring it.

Along with Harington, Gunpowder features the talents of Liv Tyler (HBO’s The Leftovers), Mark Gatiss (better known as GoT’s Tycho Nestoris), Peter Mullan (HBO’s Olive Kitteridge and Cinemax’s Quarry), and Tom Cullen as the legendary Guy Fawkes. This fantastic lineup delivers a powerful and emotional story, and it’s wonderful watching Tyler and Harington on screen together in a memorable HBO cast mash-up.

3. Guy Fawkes is a badass.

Robert Catesby is a ferocious and driven man in his own right, but the name most recognized in relation to the 1605 Gunpowder plot is Guy Fawkes. Cullen’s performance is intense and grizzly, and this is a great role to get him on your radar if he wasn’t already.

4. It’s a story rarely told.

Maybe everyone knows “Remember, remember the 5th of November,” but most people don’t know the real story behind these historic events. Gunpowder is your opportunity to take advantage of the best kind of history lesson: cinematic, well-performed, and bingeable.

5. It’s a Good Reminder

In a time when intolerance, and the fight for understanding is happening all around us, Gunpowder is an honest reminder that history can repeat itself if we don’t pay attention to lessons from the past.

Episode 1 of Gunpowder premieres December 18, Episode 2 on December 19 and the final episode on December 20, all at 10 PM on HBO.