Visit the World of GoT With a New Touring Exhibition


Looking for another way to get into your favorite series? Enter the GoT world in a whole new way with Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition. This expansive experience will be traveling worldwide to give fans an up-close and personal look at authentic props, costumes and set pieces, while they explore their favorite locations from Westeros and Essos.

Through the exhibition’s immersive and interactive environments, fans will have the opportunity to visit the wintry landscapes of the North, the tree-lined Kingsroad, and the regal settings of King’s Landing. They will head to the conquered city of Meereen with its garrisons of Unsullied warriors and Targaryen loyalists, and see iconic settings like Braavos’ House of Black and White, Castle Black, and the frozen lands Beyond the Wall. No experience is complete without gazing upon the ultimate power symbol: the Iron Throne. 

The tour kicks off on October 28, 2017 at the Museu Marítim in Barcelona, Spain for a limited engagement. Tickets are now available at Additional information about future locations will be released in the coming months, so be sure to check back.