All Men Must Drink, Including Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal Valar Morghulis.jpg

Pedro Pascal was on hand for the ceremonial tapping of Ommegang Brewery's latest collaboration with 'Game of Thrones,' Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale. Pascal poured the first glass and pronounced it "delicious."

Pascal went with a similar turn of phrase when asked to describe what Oberyn Martell would be like as a drink. "Rich, delicious ... and a little dangerous," he offered. "A good poison." Pascal hospitably poured and served Valar Morghulis to the many who flocked around the bar at the Wired Lounge on Thursday afternoon. 

As for his ideal GOT drinking buddy, the actor named Tyrion Lannister. "Tyrion and I would have been buddies," Pascal theorized about what could have been. "We would have gotten into a lot of trouble together and a lot of it would have included beer and wine."

The event was also an opportunity for a selection of GOT fans to meet the actor as well as sample the beer, which hits stores in September.