Two Girls Walk Through a Door


In a forest estate outside of Belfast, two girls walk towards a witch's hut. The hems of their dresses drag in the mud, because this is Northern Ireland in July and it's drizzling rain. Nevertheless the two girls soldier on. They pause outside the door to the wood-and-thatch hut. It looks freaky, as do most huts in the middle of forests. The two girls walk through the door...

... And are magically transported to our studios, miles (and days) away. No more rain, no more mud, just sweltering lights and concrete floors.

Because our team built two huts.

The forest hut was only for the girls' approach. The studio hut was for the actual scene, built where we could better control the elements and focus on performance. Also our lunches get less soggy.

In fact, we do the overwhelming number of our interiors on our stages in Northern Ireland – even for locations flung all the way across our world. 

For another example in this episode: The elevator that takes Jon and Melisandre to the top of the Wall does exist at our Castle Black set, and the exterior of its ascent was shot there – but the scene between Jon and Melisandre was filmed in a duplicate elevator in the Titanic studios in Belfast.

So the next time you see a character walk through a door, know that this doorway is magical.

And probably leads to a toilet.