Missandei’s Beautiful Death Tells the Story of a Dream That Will Never Come True


“The Long Night” brought us chaos and war, but Missandei’s death in “The Last of the Starks” has made a lasting impression. Artist Robert Ball explains how he wanted to create a “contrast in tone” from last week’s image to this week’s.

“I wanted to focus on Missandei's death,” he stated. “The starting point of my idea was to somehow show her dream of returning to the beaches of Naath with Grey Worm: a dream that died with her.

“Compositionally, I wanted to reference my Beautiful Death for Ned Stark in Season 1, as the staging of Missandei's death referenced his on the show. I worked on a color rough this week, and the finished image doesn't stray too far away from it.”

The artist shared he, “wanted the image to have a dream-like quality”  so he “shied away from heavy blacks, and used transparencies to create a layered effect.”

With only two episodes left in the series, Ball said he’ll be exploring more contrasts for the episodes to come.

See Ned’s death, the draft of Missandei’s, and the final image below: