Did You Catch These Callbacks in “The Last of the Starks”?


Aside from Arya’s “That’s not me” statement, which was also referenced in Season 7, two characters show their true colors in “The Last of the Starks.” Missandei remains as loyal as ever, where Cersei proves yet again how far she will go for power. Here are two memorable throwbacks to earlier seasons.


In an interview with HBO, Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) noted an important scene between her character and Daenerys in Season 3, Episode 3. Most remember an exchange in Astapor: “Valar morghulis,” says Missandei. Dany responds: “All men must die, but we are not men.”

Emmanuel recalls an imperative message from Dany just before this iconic scene. “From the moment we meet Missandei, Daenerys warns her, ‘I’m taking you to war. You may go hungry, you may fall sick, you may be killed,’” says Emmanuel. “She joined Daenerys knowing that and was prepared to die at some point, and she fulfilled that promise of loyalty to Daenerys in a way.”

While Cersei always claims to stop at nothing to defeat her enemies, the extent she has gone certainly increases over the seasons. The final scene of “The Last of the Starks” may cause some to think of different times in King’s Landing — when Cersei was the one pleading to save a life: Ned Stark’s. In Season 1, Episode 9, Cersei is shocked by Joffrey’s decision to behead Ned; however, when she is in Joffrey’s place, she orders the death of someone even more innocent.

In this video the actors open up about Missandei’s final moments: