The Cleganes Go Head-to-Head in "The Bells" Beautiful Death


“This episode had my heart thumping like a jackhammer and ended with floods of tears. It really put me through the wringer,” shared artist Robert Ball about Season 8’s penultimate episode.

“My Beautiful Death focuses on 'Clegane Bowl', with the crumbling of House Lannister as a dramatic context. I've pictured the Clegane brothers as rabid dogs at each others' throats, one born from fire — Sandor — and one from green wildfire, science and sorcery — Gregor.”

He continued, “Apart from those two main colors, green and orange, I let the image go in a color direction that was quite surprising. There's a lot of colors in this one  — and details, and chaos and confusion, just like the episode itself.”

Check out the draft and final image below: